Yacht Club Marina Information

The Cape Coral Yacht Club/Marina Go Bond Project is scheduled to tentatively begin on March 31, 2022. Marina contracts will renew for a period of six months from October 1 -March 31, 2022. If there is any change to the start date or construction is delayed marina patrons will be notified. A month-to-month option for rental slips may be put in place and Yacht Club Marina boat owners will be notified.

It is highly recommended that other mooring arrangements be made before March 31, 2022, as this is the date that the Yacht Club Marina will need to be empty. If the project is running behind schedule marina patrons will be notified.

It is projected that the construction of the Yacht Club/Marina project will take 1-1 /2 to 2 years to complete. Current marina patrons will have priority for boat slips once the project is completed.

The onsite Yacht Club office will be closed during construction. An alternate office location will be announced closer to the time of closure with pertinent details.

On behalf of the Yacht Club Marina Staff and the Parks and Recreation Department, we thank you for your patronage and look forward to having you back after the project has been completed.

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