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Cape Coral Yacht Club's Pier damage estimated at $1.5 million

The public is learning the full extent of Hurricane Ian's damage to the popular Cape Coral Yacht Club Pier.

According to city documents provided during a city retreat, estimates place the cost to repair it at $1.5 million.

Hurricane Ian blasted ashore on Sept. 28, causing major damage to Cape Coral's Yacht Club Community Park and all of its facilities, which were previously scheduled to be renovated in the near future. The park included the pier, beach, boat ramp, and other amenities, including the Tony Rotino Center. All remain closed.

No other costs were available as of Thursday morning.

City officials planned to outline more details later today, as well as the future of the Yacht Club.

The damage to the pier includes compromised structural integrity, gazebo, electrical and plumbing, decking and railing destroyed, and fish cleaning stations and benches not found.

Other facility cost includes the ballroom building, estimated at $520,000, and the Tony Rotino Center, at $350,000.

The ballroom sustained damage to its beams and thrust blocks because of flooding; and damage to the roof, windows and


Meanwhile, the adjacent Tony Rotino Center sustained damage to its roof, flooring, and landscaping.

Adjoining mechanical, electric, and equipment repairs to these facilities are estimated at $300,000.

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