Yacht Club Community Park Project Update

The Cape Coral Yacht Club Community Park is preparing to undergo major construction as part of the Parks GO Bond improvement project. Closure of the entire Yacht Club Community Park, including the ballroom, beach, boat ramp, pier, pool, tennis courts, marina, and Tony Rotino Senior Center, will begin on April 1. Closure of the park is required due to the extent of the construction and renovations taking place. Most of the park’s programs will be relocated to other facilities during this closure.

The renovation at the Yacht Club Community Park involves:

· Replacing the seawalls

· Replacing marina wet slips

· Demolition of the harbormaster building

· Demolition of the boat ramp

· Relocation of utilities

· Construction of a parking garage

· Construction of beach restrooms

· Construction of a new harbormaster building

· Construction of a new boat ramp

While we understand closing the park will be an inconvenience, keeping portions of the park related to the aforementioned construction open would pose a safety risk to our visitors and residents that can be avoided by this temporary closure.

Planned park improvements are based on the City’s Parks Master Plan and will transform the Yacht Club Community Park into a resort-style atmosphere. Construction is expected to take approximately two years. The privately-operated Boathouse restaurant will remain open during construction.

For more details on this project, visit the Yacht Club project website at, or residents with questions specific to this project may email

The Parks GO Bond includes improvements to several existing parks plus the development of seven new neighborhood parks, three community parks, and one environmental park. Click the links below to access the Yacht Club Project Website and to learn more about the other Parks GO Bond projects.

The next formal update to City Council on the Cape Coral Yacht Club Community Park construction and other Parks GO Bond projects will take place in March.

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