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Yacht Club Community Park Construction

The Parks and Recreation Department will be reaching out to those who will be affected regarding the construction of the Yacht Club Community Park facilities starting April 1, 2022. This includes the tennis program participants, Yacht Club ballroom and Rotino Center rentals and clubs, and the aquatic facility participants.

We will assist those affected by the construction and provide alternate locations to contact for rentals, weddings and monthly club meetings as well trying to find a location(s) for the Yacht Club tennis participant league (Lee County Women’s Tennis League). The tentative start date of construction is April 1, 2022. It will affect all amenities and programs throughout the Yacht Club Park excluding the Boathouse. Unfortunately, this decision is inconvenient and unpopular. However, closing the facility for the 18-24 months will keep the public and construction workers safe and will allow us to complete the improvements much quicker than phasing in the work. As we approach the final decision the construction schedule will become tighter because the unknown will become known.

We decided that closure of the park’s facilities is the safest approach for the public and for construction workers. The renovation of the Yacht Club involves replacing the seawalls, demolition of structures, replacement of boat slips walkways, relocation of utilities, construction of a parking garage, among other improvements. Many of these improvements require heavy construction activities and equipment. Having so much heavy construction taking place while trying to operate all the offered facilities at the same time presented safety risks that we are not willing to accept. We have opted to close the entire facility (except for the Boathouse) for safety reasons while heavy construction is underway.

Also, the information will be posted on the website so anyone needing to make alternate arrangements for their upcoming event may reach out to the listed facilities in the area. I have asked the Yacht Club Community Park staff to assist by directing those affected to other locations regarding rentals and meetings held at the Yacht Club Community Park.

Rotino Center, Yacht Club Ballroom and Aquatic Center at (239) 239-574-0806 or

Tennis participants/league at 239-574-0808

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